Don't Have a Cowhat, Maaaaaan!
Birthdaycass: the horrible fleshy pig
Birthdaycass: the pig is too fleshy
look at my cute ass new haircut

look at my cute ass new haircut


me: does something




when cassie likes all your posts at once.


u vu


Nothing good happesn. I am apparently nothing. I am apparently making shepards pie. And also because i am proud of this.. I am proud of things

genericAnomaly: Tumblr
genericAnomaly: is recommending I follow a blog called Turok77
Cassie: ahaha
genericAnomaly: probably because I pollute the Turok tag with Star Truck bullshit
genericAnomaly: this blog is full of anime girls
Cassie: ahahaha
genericAnomaly: One of them appears to be on fire.
genericAnomaly: and there is a distinct lack of burly men punching dinosaurs
Cassie: well don't you know
Cassie: turok stands for "totally under rule of kanimebabes"
genericAnomaly: I can't think of a punchline but I'm gonna post this

Your daily reminder that Planet Sheen is real.


Your daily reminder that Planet Sheen is real.



u probly look nothing like this i have never seen u sorry

cheerfullyLethal: I legit forgot the pedals I meant ot make it at least slightly recognizable oh god
Gen!: You put on rear wheel suspension but not pedals.
Gen!: I hope you think long and hard about this.
Gen!: Like who the fuck renders rear wheel suspension oh my God, I’m just blown away by that detail.


Dark times

way to kill the mood reimu

fuck you reimu red hair is the best. Petition to bring back red hair kirasame